Practice Areas


Crystle has filed dozens of individual and joint bankruptcy cases on behalf of bankruptcy debtors.  Crystle has filed and successfully prosecuted Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. Crystle has proven the that she has ability to analyze large amounts of financial data and disclosures and turn it into strategic and successful bankruptcy cases included successful Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges, affordable Chapter 13 repayment plans and confirmation of Chapter 11 plans of reorganization. While many bankruptcy attorneys shy away from Chapter 11 cases and do not represent clients in Chapter 11 due to the complexity of the chapter, Crystle has successfully reorganized over a dozen Chapter 11 debtors confirming their plans and putting them on a path of successful and affordable reorganization.

Crystle has enormous experience in all phases of the bankruptcy process including thorough analysis of assets and liabilities, preparation of the petition and schedules, representation at 341 meeting of the creditors, successful opposition to motions for relief from automatic stay, preparation and confirmation of Chapter 13 plans and Chapter 11 plans of reorganization, and evidentiary hearings.

Personal Injury

Crystle also represents individuals in civil cases including personal injury, automobile accidents, slip and fall, premise liability, property damage, pedestrian accidents, and wrongful deaths.  Crystle has successfully settled civil cases and obtained six figure settlement agreements on behalf clients who have been injured as a result of another individual or entity.